Entry NameStudentYear
Two Worlds Olivia Leary 2019
Beetle Charlie Sanderson 2019
The Dot Caleb Bergin 2019
Worms Uprising Noah Harry 2019
Shark Poppy Hodge 2019
Life Anyka Chand 2019
Under The Sea Maisy Hodge 2019
Stairway To Adventure C Ayers 2019
Sensational Sunset Austin Williams 2019
Gymnast Hayley Watts 2019
The Lady Bianca Demaria 2019
The Raid Of The Yeetus Jordan Derwent 2019
The Night Sky Bradley Britton 2019
Hot Food Andrew Bree 2019
My House Camille Wade 2019
The Bird Piper Mortimer 2019
Ramsay, My School Fred Nielsen 2019
Fire Dragon Sienna Ahern 2019
Sunglasses On The Beach Ashton Hamblin 2019
My First Religious Portrait Kashish Vohra 2019
Abstract April Thompson 2019
Curious Eye Anastasia Schultz 2019
Waiting For Rain Tayla Kauter 2019
Stop Destroying The Earth. Mars Isn't As Beautiful. Abigail Barnes 2019
Cloud Castle Isabella Woodrow-Althaus 2019
Sunset Mist Liana Rechichi 2019
Star Gaze Alicia Forth 2019
Freedom Emerald Waldie-Rusic 2019
Larnoo Natalie Coad 2019
Who Let The Dogs Out Finn Hargreaves 2019
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