Entry NameStudentYear
L Florence Yuan 2009
La Rouge Kirby Gough 2012
La Vie Nouvelle (new Life) Rachel Morley 2010
Lacus Clyne & Mr Pink Stephanie Bowden 2011
Ladies Walking Danielle Ruasol 2008
Lady Beetle Dillon Fox 2012
Lady Bug Girl Lydia Davis 2012
Lady Gaga Marilyn D'souza 2011
Lady GaGa Telephone Kate Cornelsen 2011
Lady In The Forest Juliet Mangano 2019
Lady In The Lake Simone Linke 2011
Lady In The Rain Kaesha Barr 2012
Lady Leora Espar Lauren Bridgfoot 2019
Lady Medusa Tenika Vakauta 2010
Lady Of Leisure Georgia Callaway 2010
Lady Sitting Katelyn Bassett-Wilton 2011
LADYBIRD Myles Wainwright 2019
Ladybug Tracy Lin 2016
Lake Bled, Slovenia Alexander Penca 2012
Lake Laurence: The Architect Peggy Chou 2011
Lake Of Brightness Jasmine Brown 2012
Lake Of Dots Taigan Satour 2012
Lalala Selina Brand 2010
Lamborghini Drawing Sam Mohan 2012
Lamborghini Progress William Lo 2009
Land For Sale - Collage Meg Lubach 2010
Land Of Mystery (Photoshop) Josephine Burns 2010
Land Of The Dragons Katie Phimmachanh 2011
Landscape Anita Lincolne 2011
Landscape Zahir Karimi 2012
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