Storm poem a winner

St Francis Xavier College student Gabrielle Clarke, 15, has taken out the poetry division of the Write4fun 2014 Schools Short Story Competition.

There were more than 12,500 entries nationally for the competition, which was split into short story and poetry divisions.

The year 10 student snared the top space with her dark poem, Black Fear.

Gabrielle fell in love with poetry after learning about it at school.

"I always write best when I'm in an emotional situation, when I'm really happy or really determined or when I'm really sad or fearful," she explained.

"In this instance I'd just moved interstate, I was flying back for the first time. I was in a plane for the first time and there was a lot of turbulence and a storm.

"That was the main inspiration for the poem."

As first place winner, she received $500 for herself and her school, her choice of a Xbox 360 and an iPod touch or a Sbox One or a Playstation 4.

As the winner, she will also appear in The Text Generation publication, which will be released in March 2015.

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