Write on Target

By ARIANE PICKARDBEING paid a dollar a word is good work if you can get it.

And Bianca Butler is keen to persevere with her ?edgling writing career alter scooping $500 for her 500-word entry in a national short story competition.

‘The Christian Outreach College student came second out of 5500 entries in the Write4fun 2005 short story competition and will see her winning entry published in a book.

"l wasn‘t even going to enter until I saw the closing date had been extended, so I was very surprised to receive a place.‘ the Year I2 strident said.

"The theme was Sporting Legends and Special Moments. I took the approach sporting legends are not de?ned just by the medals they‘ve won.

“A person can achieve their goals simply when an obstacle is overcome and a dream is realised"

Bianca‘s story entitled To Davey is the tale of an intellectually disabled boy who achieves his dream of becoming a racing car driver.

She is working on her ?rst novel and hopes to do a degree in creative writing.

School spokeswoman Desley Herschel] said: "We're looking forward to asking Bianca to sign a copy of her published story for the school library."

The signature may be worth something one day.

Source: Southern Star

Date: 19/10/2005

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