Write On, Kate

Alstonville Public School year five student Kate Aslin was awarded third place in the Write4Fun 2005 Honoured Writers Competition tor her poem The Fight. Kate was invited to enter the competition being one of the top 15 per cent of entrants from previous competitions.  Kate’s poem was chosen from over 2500 others. The Fight will be published in an upcoming anthology Honoured Writers of 2005.

Good on you Kate. Keep on writing.

Published: 03/11/2005

Source: The Northern Rivers Echo

Write on Target

By ARIANE PICKARDBEING paid a dollar a word is good work if you can get it.

And Bianca Butler is keen to persevere with her fledgling writing career alter scooping $500 for her 500-word entry in a national short story competition.

‘The Christian Outreach College student came second out of 5500 entries in the Write4fun 2005 short story competition and will see her winning entry published in a book.

"l wasn‘t even going to enter until I saw the closing date had been extended, so I was very surprised to receive a place.‘ the Year I2 strident said.

"The theme was Sporting Legends and Special Moments. I took the approach sporting legends are not defined just by the medals they‘ve won.

“A person can achieve their goals simply when an obstacle is overcome and a dream is realised"

Bianca‘s story entitled To Davey is the tale of an intellectually disabled boy who achieves his dream of becoming a racing car driver.

She is working on her first novel and hopes to do a degree in creative writing.

School spokeswoman Desley Herschel] said: "We're looking forward to asking Bianca to sign a copy of her published story for the school library."

The signature may be worth something one day.

Source: Southern Star

Date: 19/10/2005

Reinaldo - Poetry Competition Winner

Reinaldo Fleming, a third grade student at St. Helena School was a second place winner of the Write4fun poetry competition of 2004-2005.  This competition was held throughout the country with over 6,000 entries.  Reinaldo was one of 15 second place winners and the only winner from Philadelphia. 

His poem was entitled "Why."  Reinaldo's work will be published in the "Stars of Tomorrow" book.  He received a check for $50 and a commemorative engraved pen along with a copy of the book upon release in April.

Everyone is very proud of this young man and we encourage him to keep up the good work.

Published: 05/02/2005

Source: American Newspaper

Young Poet a Winner

A POEM inspired by the colours of autumn has won six-year-old Damien Stergio second place in an Australia-wide poetry writing competition.

‘The Year 1 pupil from Truscott St Public School, North Ryde beat 12,000 other contestants to win a plaque and $50 for his poem entitled Autumn Colours.

Damien‘s poem will appear in a book published by the competition's organiser Write4Fun.net

The Queensland-based company, founded in 1997, works to improve the writing ability of primary and high school students through short story and poetry competitions and publications.

Truscott St principal Joanne Govorcin said she was thrilled with Damien‘s win.

Source:  Northern District Times
Date: 30/06/2004

You'd Better Believe It! - Short Story Competition

BELIEVE It or Not ... superheroes and superstars abound!

These words were written by Lyn Donaghue, literacy coordinator from Burnie Primary School in Tasmania in the foreword to the book Believe It or Not which is a compilation of the winners' and finalists' stories from the 2002 Write 4 Fun Literary Competition.

The Write 4 Fun competition provides students with a wonderful opportunity for young writers to demonstrate their skills, and attracted more than S000 entries from 1000 primary and secondary schools throughout Australia.

Three students from Peace Lutheran College - Emily Read (Year 7), Vanessa Ferries (Year 6) and

Cameron Tattersall (Year 4) - were finalists in this prestigious competition and had their stories published in Believe It or Not.

“I was really excited to get the letter from Write 4 Fun saying I was going to be a published author,” says Emily Read.

“I've always wanted to have one of my stories published, but I never thought it would be so soon.

“I am really glad I entered this competition. It was a really worthwhile experience.”

Jackie Wilson, development officer, Peace Lutheran College

Source: Cairns Post

Date: 04/03/2003

Jessica's Superhero is Write on Target

EVIL-DOERS be warned - there's a new superhero in town.

Her name is Courageous Carmen, and she will throw you to the moon if you dare harm anyone.

Courageous Carmen is the creation of eight-year-old Jessica Grancha, a Year 2 student at George's Hall Cavalry Chapel Christian School, who came third in the Write4fun 2002 Schools Short Story Competition.

The theme for this year's competition was "Superheroes and Superstars" and Jessica's story, "Courageous Carmen", rated highly with the judges.

The competition, held throughout Australia received more than 5,000 entries.

Jessica received a cheque for $150, and her story will be published in an anthology called "Believe It Or Not!".

It was an amzing achievement by the young write, who was competing with students up to Year 6 nationwide. 

"I was really suprised when I cam third", Jessica said. "$150 is so much money, I didn't know what to say. When you write you can get carried away, and it's fun. My story was about a girl who was doing an experiment, some liquid spilt and she accidentally drank some. Then she starts to fly, and she keeps growing. She saves people from the enemy. One time, when a girl was walking with her cat and a bad dog was going to attack them, Courageous Carmen came and grabbed the dog by its tail, swung it round and round and threw it all the way to the moon."

Jessica's father, Alex, was delighted with his daughter's accomplishment. "Jessie's teacher encouraged her to give it a try," he said, "because she is always writing and illustrating her own custom-made story books. We were delighted when she came third. It proves if you don't give something a try, you'll never win."

Published: 29/11/2002

Source: The Torch


Ashleigh Wins Write4Fun Competition

Mt Erin High School Year 7 student Ashleigh Purcell has won first place in the primary school division of Write4fun. Ashleigh's fiction story about why the South Pole is covered in snow was chosen out of 5000 entries. Ashleigh displays a framed copy of her short story.

Published: 23/10/2002

Source: The Junior Advertiser


Alan is High School Hero

A creative talent for writing has led to Alan Vaarwerk gaining a national short story award. 

Alan, a Year 8 student at Grafton High School, came second out of 5000 entries in the Write4fun superhero and superstar-themed short story competition. The humorous story about a retired superhero, George, won Alan $250 and the honour of having his work published, with other competition entries, in the book 'Believe It Or Not!'.

An award of commendation was also presented to the school.

Published: 17/10/2002

Source: The Daily Examiner


Talent In Magic Mystery

BRIGHTON Grammar School student David Urwin has won third prize in the primary school (to year 7) division of the 2001 Schools Short Story Competition.

There were more than 8500 entries in the competition, split into primary and secondary school divisions, from students throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The theme was “magic and mystery.” David, 12, set his story in the fictitious town of Grissburg.

Titled Hunter and hunted, David’s story will not be published in the coming anthology, Zapped.

David, a Year 7 student, received $150 for third prize and a plaque displaying his story.

Published: 18/06/2001

Source: Leader Newspapers


Robyn's Story - Magic and Mystery 2001

BEVERFORD Primary School student Robyn Ryrie is the winner of an international writing competition.

Eleven-year-old Robyn's story was judged best out of 6000 entries from Australian and New Zealand primary schools in the Australasian Publishing Group Schools Short Story Competition.  

Robyn won $500 for herself, and another $500 for her school.

Robyn was presented with her cheque at a school assembly last Friday.  She said she would probably take her mum's advice and put the money in the bank and save it.

Robyn also received a plaque of her story based on the set theme "Magic and Mystery."

Published: 01/06/2001

Source: The Guardian



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