Entry NameStudentYear
Sadness Laura Bryant 2009
Sadness ReneƩ Cawthorn 2013
Sadness Ella Smith 2018
Sadness Sophia Burkin 2018
Sadness Samantha Minehan 2019
Sadness Kai Tofler 2019
Sadness Ashleigh Robertson-wall 2019
Sadness Leo Li 2019
Sadness Maria Psaradellis 2020
Sadness Daniel Smith 2019
Sadness Lily Wilde 2019
Sadness Taren Presland 2016
Sadness Sinitta Mccarthy 2017
Sadness Mischa Caran 2017
Sadness Charli Stapleton 2017
Sadness Samantha Henry 2018
Sadness Grace Hardie 2018
Sadness Clare Lenehan 2018
Sadness (a Three Stanza Haiku) Olivander Polak 2020
Sadness Can Be Happiness Samuel Gizzi 2019
Sadness Everywhere Rhianna Muir 2012
Sadness In Her Eyes Caitlin Armstrong 2008
Sadness In Her Eyes Caitlin Armstrong 2008
Sadness In The Eden Teia Michaels 2013
Sadness Is Bronte C 2010
Sadness Is Teagan L 2010
Sadness Is Jessica Gretgrix 2015
Sadness Is A Worry George Rashou 2007
Sadness Is Eternal Luka Ford 2021
Sadness Is Over Powering Courtney March-peach 2017
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