Entry NameStudentYear
Glamorous Nancy Kemp 2014
Glamorous Black Spud Girl Grace Broadribb 2015
Glamour Jin Hui Qian 2009
Glaring Day Ashlee Reimerink 2015
Glass Kelsey Mahoney 2013
Glass Anne Hasegawa 2006
Glass Kayla Norris-burnett 2018
Glass Jiina Sharma 2016
Glass eyes Bianca Butler 2006
Glass Heart Bianca Stone 2016
Glass Heart Natalia Nachman 2018
Glasses Lana Hutchinson 2018
Glasses Sophie Widgett 2019
Glassy (feel Free To Change, 'working Title') Angus Pritchard 2017
Glassy Waves Talor Taibel 2016
Gleaming Sunset Katherine Tsingos 2014
Gleaming Trees Charlotte Edmond 2019
Glee Alyssa Carnt 2020
Glee Neha Ajmal 2010
Glen Huntly Primary School Is The Best School Archer Conquest 2017
Glenart Castle Christopher Wong 2007
Glenferrie primary school Anthony Luppino 2006
Glenny Connor Phelan 2006
Glenrowan Hills Christopher Buckingham 2018
Glen's Diary Jack Graham 2012
Gliders (Haiku) Trishan Don Bernard 2018
Gliders (Haiku) Trishan Don Bernard 2017
Glimpse Of WWI Louis Huynh 2017
Glipli Casey Mcnevin 2015
Glistening Thomas Fuller 2014
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