The day Jennifer got the news she felt cold, her husband was excited but she felt nothing but sadness. “We don’t have any money” she would say. And in her husband Michael’s typical optimistic fashion he would reply “We can figure something out”. Jennifer’s desperation to abort the baby grew on her like an itch you can’t scratch, she did want a baby, but she just couldn’t afford to leave her current job, and nor could Michael.
Each day she would walk in the street with her head cemented towards the ground, she didn’t have the guts to tell family and friends the news when they saw her in public. Until one day, she was spotted by her mother at the grocery store. Nancy was as elated as ever, hugging her tightly, but Jennifer didn’t want to break her heart by telling her the truth.
Word eventually got out to all of her family and friends. There was regular phone calls and house visits to her and Michael. Michael was deeply affected by the situation, he was the only non-father at work, and they began treating him like family when they found out, and breaking that apart is something he couldn’t do, because he knew, deep down, that the moment he told them, he would become an outcast.
The two arrive home to see a surprise party thrown for them, presents, letters and banners, the whole lot. But after an evening of empty smiles and cold lies, the two sat down in front of a fire to gather their senses. Jennifer reached over to the coffee table and pulled out a letter from her mother: “Dear Jenny! I’m so proud of you, I can’t wait to watch you and your child go on such a journey together through life, just as I did with you….” She flipped through the other letters that read almost the same.
She began to cry as she glanced over at the baby presents they had received. Michael walked over to comfort her. And as he placed his arm on her shoulder and rested her head on him. The two, began to ponder. Were they being too quick with their decision? Was there another way? The thoughts continued through the night. They would lay in bed staring at the ceiling not knowing what to do, wondering about what life with a child would be like, until it all became too much.
In the morning, they rolled over to face each other and at the same time both whispered “I want a baby”. And all the thoughts of abortion left their minds instantly and shifted to the idea of starting a family.
2 years on, and they wouldn’t have been able to live with themselves if they had of aborted their baby boy, the guilt would have been too much. All their financial troubles worked themselves out, and the family of 3 couldn’t be happier.