A Basement Horror...

It was a cold, dark morning, the cold winds breezing through the window. Roll call… Amy... Here! ... Anthony ... Here!... Bruno… I stare into the quiet town of Anserdale through the window. BRUNO! “Oh, I’m here” I say stunned by the Ms Castro’s monstrous voice. I’d been left at this orphanage when my parents went missing, and I had no other family member to be guardian, so I was forced to become an orphan. I know one day they’ll come back for me… We can be a family again! For now, I’ll just have to deal with this.

The next morning, I had a strange feeling. Then I heard something in the basement…

I slowly tip-toed down the stairs like a mouse. I tried to not breath so heavy, but I couldn’t help it. Swoosh, something was nearby, it was hiding under an old mattress. I slowly lifted the mattress up, to find something so scary it looked like I saw a ghost, it was indeed an actual ghost. Both me and the ghost started screaming our heads off and running opposite ways. I stopped, why was the ghost screaming too. I turned back to look at the ghost, amazingly it was a ghost of a young girl.

“Um, h-h-hello, my name is Bru-no” I whispered quietly waiting for the girl to respond. She looked more scared than me. “My name is-sss Jessica” shivered the ghost quietly. “Soooo what brings you to our orphanage?” I asked with confidence in my voice. “I was killed here by my father after my mother dropped me off and I’ve been stuck in here since” she replied with a sad tone in her voice. Stunned by the tragic story I let out a giant gasp. “Although on the plus side, I have magical powers” she grinned as she put her hand on my forehead. As she did, tears ran down her eyes. "I didn’t know that you were an orphan too" she gasped. “How do you know that?” I asked with my mouth wide-opened. That’s my magical power, the ability to read peoples mind. “I can show you” she said in an odd way. “What do you mean” I asked with curiosity. “I can show where your family is!”

I nodded my head so hard, I almost broke my neck. With a flash, we were on a sunny mountain day. I saw my family lying down on their backs sleeping. There was no sign of Jesscia. I ran to my parents with tears down my eyes. Then I saw it. My parents weren’t sleeping, they were killed. “No, this just a bad dream, it has to be”. I closed my eyes and screamed the loudest I ever had in my life. I was the worst moment of my life. I slowly opened my eyes to find I was safe and snuck in my bed. Was it a dream, I don’t know but I do know that my family is still going to come!


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