I think what we call together is a complex little thing
A group of people, a partnership? It could mean anything.
I always seem to wonder why without it I am lonely,
But whenever together approaches it is I, I think of only.

I continue to ponder this obscure meaning of together,
I guess it could be the love and kindness shown to another member.
But why is it of such value? I think once more,
Why is together something people abhor and adore?

Perhaps together could be the people who stand at my side,
Or maybe it’s where people share their feelings inside,
It seems to me that together is in our hearts,
Where we stand as one and never apart.

I guess I finally know that together wasn’t about me,
For I now come to realise that together was about we,
Now that you are gone, I cry and lament,
Why did it take me so long to appreciate what together meant?