Entry NameStudentYear
I Am A Child Soldier Kadambari Ravichandran 2009
I Am A Child Soldier Kadambari Ravichandran 2009
I Am A Chocolate Bar Mia Gatl 2015
I Am A Cold Blooded Killer! Danielle Fosberry 2007
I Am A Convict Alexandria Brown 2008
I Am A Convict Ada Overberg 2018
I Am A Cripple Jemae Attieh Andary 2013
I Am A Dancer Isabella Mcleod 2018
I Am A Danseur Rory Neaves 2020
I Am A Dot In Place Nahiyan Mahmud 2015
I Am A Flower Yutika Parhate 2015
I Am A Flower Chantelle Ho 2015
I AM A FLOWER Alyssa Volpato 2017
I Am A Fool To Shadow Love Starcross’d Emily Seto 2011
I Am A Football Jordan Wosomo-Smith 2012
I AM A GIANT!! Jennifer Andraos 2009
I Am A Girl Ceylan Erol 2011
I Am A Girl Ceylan Erol 2011
I Am A Girl From The 1850s Amrithaa Ellinavaalu 2019
I Am A Girl Who Likes Photos Zoe Agnew 2007
I Am A Girl Who Loves Animals Tiannah Grant 2007
I Am A Good Person, I Think Jorja Cugley 2017
I Am A Gorilla Rhys Ruddell 2012
I Am A Guy Who Likes Kittens Riley Smith 2007
I Am A Horse Galloping Though The Bush Jacinta Hollow 2007
I Am A Jewish Boy Caitlyn Mills 2019
I Am A Keyblade Master With A Cut Eye Mikey Usaraga 2012
I am a leader Diana Shprekher 2007
I Am A Leaf Ella Prokuda 2021
I Am A Lion Ausoin Yuen 2014
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