Entry NameStudentYear
Opened Doors Clea Auciello 2021
The Forest Tom Morrow 2021
Grandfather Clock Alexander Cantafio 2021
In The Spotlight Amy Zeng 2021
The Spider Matilda O'dell-thompson 2021
Memories Of My Nan Stephanie Spencer 2021
Old Days Caden Liew 2021
Hearts Of The Liars Lillian Gittins 2021
Mirror, Mirror Ruby Holt 2021
Nature Timothy Nunez 2021
One Life Milly Reynolds 2021
Pandemically Fortuitous Change Adeel Shaukat 2021
Anzac Day Caitlyn Wong 2021
Poetry Penguins Leon Teoh 2021
Our Hopeful Drive Kasey Mui 2021
The Rise And Clutching Swell Of Reckless Love Georgia Lynch 2021
(I Don't Know How) To Call Myself A Survivor Caitlin Duncan 2021
Free Alex Urosevic 2021
The Night Livinia Tamara 2021
Like A Lamb To The Slaughter Paul Diab 2021
Sink Or Swim Layla Taduran 2021
A Sunny Night Amnah Saad 2021
Mi Amor Charlotte Ryan 2021
Hands For Feet/Feet For Hands Luka Reeve 2021
Imagine Devashri Pillay 2021
Euphoria Bridget Luc 2021
Covid Charli Sephton 2021
Unable To... Naomi Zammit 2021
Vivaldi Nicole Li 2021
Nocturne Ava Watson 2021
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