Entry NameStudentYear
Miscarriage Amaya Liyanage 2019
The Gift Of Abscission Lilyana Napper 2019
Why Me...? Jaquelyn Loria 2019
Affliction Jorja Mentis 2019
Seasons Aarav Ajithkumar 2019
Earth Fenna Fang 2019
The Holocaust Isabella Blaikie 2019
The Clean And The Cleaner Lily Arbuckle 2019
The Flowers Of My Soul Chaewon Park 2019
Father Doua Benbatta 2019
The Rainbow Poem Isabella Rowe 2019
Open A Book Aleena Erum 2019
You Throw We Receive Jayni Lai 2019
Smelly, Nasty Pirate Josh Luca Buciu 2019
Hidden Matilda Dang-brown 2019
Morning On The Mountains Damya Wijesekera 2019
Them Lena Benbatta 2019
Stars Abby Wong 2019
In God's Palm Georgie Gale 2019
Breathe Reuben White 2019
Writing Is Fun Hayley Shea 2019
Unseen Alexander Tomkins 2019
My Friend Navya Krishnan 2019
My Friend Lily Dang-Brown 2019
My Old Flame Hannah Park 2019
Human Eclipse Marsena Searant 2019
Seasons Ruphie Yang 2019
The Old Gnarled Tree Lauren Buxton 2019
The Ocean Kayli Bartlett 2019
Bush Fire Peyton Parker 2019
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