Entry NameAuthorYear
My Home, The Murrumbidgee River Clare Mccormick 2019
My Home Wagga Wagga Chase Zimmerman 2019
Fallen Kingdom Amelia Quirk 2019
Popping Away Lucy Greville 2019
Who Stole The Clock? Belinda Coleman 2019
My Favourite Story Prince Emily Hardiman 2019
The Abyss Brendan Benson 2019
Lonely Blue Shirt Keely Viiga 2019
Luck Kael Watkin 2019
The Darkness Antonio Zinicola 2019
The Choice Isabella Zinicola 2019
The Dog Fair Catalina Marin 2019
Racism Jordis Turner 2019
Grief Blade Riordan 2019
Rainy Days Jaykob Smith 2019
Generosity Tim Nguyen 2019
Music Natalya Smith 2019
A 15 Year Old's Mind Naia Letoa 2019
The Book Gloria Ebejer 2019
Together Hannah Williams 2019
Playing With The Somber Human Heart Ashweena Khan 2019
Ice Cold Monica Milano 2019
Adam Maria Batool 2019
My Island Johnah Tsouglis 2019
Riding My Bike Valentino Baggio 2019
Eureka Stockade Rebellion Venice Baggio 2019
The Lone Hunter Josephine Macdonald 2019
Colour Poem Meii You 2019
The Struggle Shanon Vanvir 2019
Dog Out The Door Olivia Barlow 2019
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