Entry NameStudentYear
The Darkest Of Nights Indyana Bailey 2020
Life Of An Eritrean Child! Jasmine Ghebreyesus 2020
To My Mum Lucy Brett 2020
We Need Our Mates Patrick Crown-milliss 2020
Senses Amaya Liyanage 2020
The Sea Chloe Gleeson 2020
Lockdown Toby Mcintosh 2020
Poem About Being Scared / (and A Bear) Hugo Bourke 2020
The Love For My Country Takiah Paton 2020
Soaring With The Storm Xanthe Coverdale 2020
Books Jack Ronzini 2020
A Mothers Day Poem. Zane Edwards 2020
Flames Of Hope Sukhreet Sandhu 2020
Teenage Blunders Katerina Radovanic 2020
What If I Told You Eva Kuang 2020
The Classroom Calum Faulds 2020
Dear Mother Jamilah Basalamah 2020
The Modern Frankenstein's Monster Christine Park 2020
Overthrow The Throne Felicita Madani 2020
Since I Am Manuel Mathew 2020
My Unstable Elena Ilic 2020
You Hang Guang San 2020
Clouds Ava Rundle 2020
Worship Our Nature! Niveditha Rajkumar 2020
Tearful Farewell Of The Sky Jane Dinnie 2020
Memories Jelena Uzelac 2020
Rev Limit Elsie Reid 2020
Poem Jade Beer 2020
Brightest Stars Kylah Anderson 2020
My Rory Akein Korottage Don 2020
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