Entry NameStudentYear
Nature: Friend Or Foe? Ashley Kim 2019
My Happy Place Lila Hilbrink 2019
Harriet Tubman Elke Schwarz 2019
The Fallen Hannah Rasmussen 2019
Moon And I Ruby Cornish 2019
The Everything Shop Ella Veenvliet 2019
Home Ground Advantage Abbey Cooke 2019
The Poem Of Food Soumik Saha 2019
My Dragon Friend Arna Sharma 2019
The Destined Child Khiem Nguyen 2019
I Had A Cat Lucy Boyer 2019
Daddy’s Little Girl Teagan Moses 2019
Good-Morning, Arachne Edie Spiers 2019
A Wish For One Rebecca Liang 2019
Bushfires Tilly Ellis 2019
A Tree In Autumn Breeze Bonnie Zhang 2019
I Fed Your Fish Sean'hope Craig 2019
Habits Olivia Hsu 2019
Observing Hafsah Mughal 2019
Always Remembered Caleb Doran 2019
Friends Lucy Power 2019
The Hungry Cat Frankie-Belle Taylor 2019
Leo The Cat Jack Mason 2019
A Light Lily Koeford 2019
Sydney Ananya Koshy 2019
Swimming With Fins Sariek Bongers 2019
Gleaming Trees Charlotte Edmond 2019
Competition Rhett Lewis 2019
Off To Boarding School Lily Mulcahy 2019
Mother Nature Kawaii Mcneilly 2019
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