Entry NameStudentYear
Reinvented Hannah Thornton 2020
Family Hamish Magill 2020
Frontline Patriot Levi Ramsey 2020
Ballet Stars Elsa Drendel 2020
James Calan And The Simptine Sceptre Jesiah Soliman 2020
Into Outer Space Ashleigh Smith 2020
The Curse Sophie Black 2020
Golden Girl Eva Drendel 2020
Corny's Adventure Raina Zhang 2020
Hope In Time Alyssa Perruzza 2020
Imperium Omnium Isabella Toomey 2020
Little Wombat A True Story Bridget Cox 2020
Cruel World Adele Stegink 2020
The Concealed Truth Filza Regi 2020
The Dream Estella Mcfadyen 2020
Roger Baytor Michiko Sunartio 2020
The Man Tracy Kimungui 2020
The Odd Objects Chloe Cisek 2020
Ripples In The Lake Mia Van Heerden 2020
Adrift Joshua Murray 2020
Forests Secrets Jordyn Reese 2020
The Rage Of The Monster Abigail Sinclair 2020
Forgotten Yashal Imran 2020
The Room Long Forgotten Clare O'brien 2020
The Golden Tree Haruki Parrett 2020
Mountains Of New Zealand Couper Liddicoat 2020
Day Care Magic Tom Barton 2020
Tears And Love Cate Ward 2020
Flame Caleb Cisek 2020
All Things Must Die - Even Life Itself Una Van Heerden 2020
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