Entry NameAuthorYear
The Old House Nadia Van Miltenberg-Lucas 2018
The Lost Matilda Maddigan 2018
Snakes Joseph James 2018
Most Wanted Poppy Wedratt 2018
The Eyes Ashley Roughan 2018
The Fish Angus Cahill 2018
The Lost Family Shaylene Lelliott 2018
Crystal's Crusade Josie Tranter 2018
My Family Life Jennaya Lockhorst 2018
Fading Ella Stauffer 2018
The Cat And The Magic Tennis Racquet Bailey Robinson 2018
Boambee Public School Poppi Hudson 2018
The Tiny Door Amaris NG 2018
The Day I Got Nominated For The Army Kulani Defersha 2018
The Secrets Of The Pyramids Aidan Bonato 2018
The Return Alec Frost 2018
The Old Labyrinth Victor Vay 2018
The Mysterious Door Adele Martin 2018
Stonehenge Ilire Voits 2018
The Enchanted Stallion Emma Jackson 2018
Escape From The Jungle Fia Wallace 2018
The Snow Yeti Tshering Dolma 2018
Diary Of A Lucky Kid- The Dusted Day Vivaan Dhingra 2018
So Far So Bad Pema Bajracharya 2018
Needles Robert Hindmarsh 2018
Fox Gaia Xeri 2018
Second Week Back At School Isabella Macarlino 2018
The Sausage And The Pea Oliver Lan 2018
The Hole Jarvis Niewand 2018
Emily And Fox Shaely Charlton 2018
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