Entry NameStudentYear
I Am The Enemy Jillian Sweeney 2014
I Am The Future Ciaran Wright 2018
I Am The Kitty Overlord Jessica Berney 2019
I Am The Lorax Hamish Talko 2018
I Am THE Pen Catherine Lamont 2012
I Am The Sun Isabel Goodfellow 2010
I Am The Thief Chloe Mcgoldrick 2016
I Am The Wonder Horse Rianna Mackay 2014
I Am The World Champion! Joshua Kanny 2015
I Am Tired Maria Mathieu 2018
I Am Titanium Teagan Cross 2014
I Am Tybalt Millicent Coleman 2016
I Am Who I Am Amber Allen 2016
I Am Yan Yan Zhai 2014
I Am, You Are, We Are Australians Maddison Konn 2019
I Am. Eliza (paige) Maher 2014
I Am... Helen Nguyen 2015
I And The Village. (based Off The Painting By Marc Chagall) Brianna Charlton 2018
I Became The Story Bethany Johns 2010
I Believe Stephanie Blake 2006
I Believe . . . Lauren Lietzow 2010
I Believe In Myself Cody Warwick 2010
I Believe... Tiffany Doensen 2011
I Believed Him Poppy Steenbergen 2019
I Belong To The Sea Reminy Holmes 2014
I Bet She Wished She Hadn't Hannah Jose 2016
I Broke My Leg Jess Brovedani 2017
I Brought You In So I'll Take You Out Hannah Park 2017
I Can Stephen Puondak 2014
I can Elizabeth Morley 2006
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