Entry NameStudentYear
Hard winning Molly Wellington 2005
Hardcover Soldiers Alex Williams 2015
Hardened Brenton Lawrence 2009
Harder Than You Think Emma Dennington 2010
Harder To Breathe Thomas Koster 2013
Hardly Special Annabelle Needham 2011
HARDSHIP Jemima Williamson-wong 2016
Hardship Keira Wright 2018
Harlequin Romance Chelsea Moss 2008
Harley Davison Information Cody Vassallo 2015
Harmless But Inflicting Jessica Leonard 2011
Harmony Georgia Guthridge 2007
Harmony Danica Irving 2009
Harmony Iris Gu 2014
Harmony Calls Josie Adams 2017
Harold Rhonda Wilson 2005
Harold The Hand Nickayla Sodeman 2015
Harold Trouble And The Ice-cream Disaster Callum Holmes 2007
Harriet Esther Mathers 2019
Harriet Olson Stellar Pixie Chapter 1 Ciane Dunstall-Miller 2020
Harriet The Hiccupper Katherine Jolly 2013
Harriet The Old And Wise Turtle Senayit Buntrock 2010
Harriet's Bad Hair Day Blues Molly Stanko 2013
Harriet's Little Sister Pippa Asome 2016
Harriett's Christmas Brodie Fechner 2016
Harriot The Witch Stephanie Gregg 2010
Harrison Arianna Malezer-richardson 2017
Harrison Winters. Zoe Urquhart 2010
Harrison's Weird Day Harrison Oats 2016
Harry Madison Brownley 2016
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