Entry NameStudentYear
Déjà Vu Deema Abdel Khaleq 2021
The Great Escape Elijah Wood 2021
Cancer Vs My Life Thanesha Jagadeesan 2021
The Swindle Precinct Isabel Hooi 2021
Carlotta The Cat Travels Around Australia Kai Allen 2021
Dragon Magic Ana Valentini 2021
A Boy’s War Alexander Kitto 2021
Insecurities Taj Stainsby 2021
Gold Mining Marcus Fukuzawa 2021
The War Of The Dragons Mitchell Ong 2021
Traffic Collision Emma Featherstone 2021
Toby’s Space Adventure Tobias Fussi 2021
The Darkness Dani Tamlin 2021
Naughty Flash Finn Cockrem 2021
Into The Enchanted Forest Sarah Baker 2021
The Theft Of The Painting Micah Andrianopoulos 2021
The Day I Turned Into A Dinosaur Ava Lewis 2021
Galactic Man Saves The Day Mani D'Agostino 2021
Jui Lexi Wood 2021
Status Update Charlotte Eccleston 2021
Red Roses Victoria Smith 2021
Oceania Saves The Day Charlotte McKenna 2021
The Dinosaur Called Tony And His Friend Jamie Mugola 2021
Opposites Jasmine Thompson 2021
The Bad Grace Grace Gething 2021
Bush Rain Amalia Corbalan 2021
Returning The Clock Kaitlin Mellor 2021
The Hacker Anneliese Rothe 2021
If My Family Lives At The Waterpark Emily Gu 2021
A New Beginning Jerrard Chan 2021
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