Entry NameStudentYear
Sam The Cricket Master Ben Watts 2009
Sam The Dog Michael Italia 2016
Sam The Koala Oakley Brennan 2009
Sam The Pointer Dog Holly Harback 2018
Sam The Stick Figure Gadiel Dumlao 2007
Sam The Troll Kelsey Bryan 2017
Sam,The Legend Of Sacrifice Shahyan Hasan 2007
Sam’s 2013 Cruise Sam Tooley 2013
Samantha Andrew Ward 2013
Samantha Andrew Ward 2014
Samantha Courtney Swile 2014
Samantha Teagan Herbert 2014
Samantha & The Boy Matthew Hayward 2016
Samantha And Ava's Passion Lara Prasad 2020
Samantha And The Different Dimensions Indianna Hoey 2019
Samantha Si Sam Audrey Ash 2021
Samantha The Hiker Doyel Bhattacharjee 2020
Samantha The Superhero Rosie Parkinson 2019
Samantha’s Journey Kayla Roche 2018
Samantha’s Story – The Great Flood Brydie Moore 2011
Samantha's Day Of Fame! Samantha Murphy 2012
Samantha's Drawing Angelica Di Camillo 2008
Samantha's Dreams Samantha Rose Diamond 2009
Samantha's Dream's Harish Harishan 2009
Samantha's Story Samara Achermann 2013
Samantha's THing Samantha Warren 2009
Samaritan Carlos Villanueva 2018
Samaritan Woman Maria Morcos 2013
Same Again Chris Patrick 2017
Same But Different Kate Dickey 2019
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