Entry NameStudentYear
I love you mum Holly Brown 2004
I Love You Mummy Nur Elisya Mohamad Razif 2013
I Love You Romeo Stacy Long 2009
I Love You Whoever You Would've Been Shelina Bowers 2011
I Love You! Alysha Goss 2012
I Love You! Jennifer Wang 2009
I Love You. Ella Gray 2014
I Love You. Arielle Vaa 2020
I love... Shannon Allen 2007
I Loved Him Mia Nixon-Smith 2015
I Loved My Cat Sasha M 2004
I Loved You Heidii Hyland 2015
I Loved You Grandad Gabrielle Winters 2008
I Loved You So Much Megan Hagedorn 2006
I LUV MY LIFE! Julianna Rajkowski 2008
I Made History Dayna Robinson 2014
I Made It! Danielle Saadie 2015
I Made It! Ashleigh Bridge 2012
I Made It! Hugo Ryall 2020
I Made Mum And Dad Disappear Piper Glover 2015
I Made The War Afnan Mohammad Suliman 2016
I Matter Yusir Almosewy 2017
I May Not Remember • But I Feel Gemma Mcrae 2014
I Meet Justin Bieber Britney Gunther 2011
I Meet One Direction Abigail Speering 2014
I Met Jesus Michael Flores 2014
I Miss Her Courtney Martin 2012
I Miss Her Courtney Martin 2012
I Miss Him Alex Hurst 2009
I Miss My Mum Tiarne O'connor 2016
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